Ambivalence Playlist

In a way, life isn’t all happy and sad; most of the time, we’re all in between.

1. Echo Home – The Kills
2. Everything I Am Is Yours – Villagers
3. Freedom Is Free – Chicano Batman
4. Our Love – Sharon Van Etten
5. Current Carry – Vetiver
6. Only Memories Remain – My Morning Jacket
7. Getting It On – Sales
8. Moving To The Left – Woods
9. Total Entertainment Forever – Father John Misty
10. All Yours – Widowspeak

Fly Fishing

Today’s SketchDaily prompt was Fly Fishing.
I saw a photo of a 19th century artificial fly, so I drew it.

My notes pertain to solutions to problems that I encountered while creating the sketch.

Watercolor pencils and gel pen.



Since I arrived in Canada, I haven’t gone back to the Philippines. Not even to visit. Lately, I find myself looking at a distance and imagining the sights, tastes, smells and sounds of what my life used to be. I know a lot has changed in my hometown since I left. I’ve changed too.

Alaala (ala-ala) is the Tagalog word for “memory”.

This week’s playlist has some of the songs that I really loved on Philippine radio, before I left 5 years ago.

Enjoy xx Bessy

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1. Balisong – Rivermaya
2. Much Has Been Said – Bamboo
3. Oo – Up Dharma Down
4. Torete – Moonstar88
5. Tabing Ilog – Barbie’s Cradle
6. Gitara – Parokya ni Edgar
7. Turning My Safety Off – Sinosikat?
8. Sundo – Imago
9. Hanggang Kailan – Orange and Lemons
10. With A Smile – Eraserheads

P.S. Haven’t posted in a while because I have exams but I’ll try my best to keep up. xo