New York: June 15, Friday

Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company: It had great online reviews but the food was okay. Honestly, the restaurant looks better than the taste of its food. It wasn't bad, just meh. Today, we were off to watch comics performing for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. I got the tickets free from their homepage. It's a … Continue reading New York: June 15, Friday


Mailbox Friday

Above: Outgoing cards I've officially slowed down on this postcarding hobby. Summer has been intensely busy because, like other Canadians, I make the most of a warm summer. I've also taken advantage of not being in classes to relax. The next couple of years will be go-go-go for me. I'm so excited for that but … Continue reading Mailbox Friday

Mailbox Friday

Above: Outgoing cards Finally, I'm free of final exams, I can write this post now. I think I've come to the point where the excitement of Postcrossing is slowly dying down. I think the idea of getting postcards from strangers is no longer as meaningful as it initially was for me. I am thinking of … Continue reading Mailbox Friday