Handwriting Challenge

This is how we start the new year. 🙂 Thanks, Jolens!


Mailbox Friday

Outgoing cards. I really do miss crafting. I also miss painting. I was hoping to get a regular penpal from someone in Japan or Ireland because I've been meaning to go there for the longest time. It would be nice to learn what it's like from a local. But, penpal sites don't work like they … Continue reading Mailbox Friday

10 Books

Thanks for tagging me, Jolens. It's always nice to be included in these things. Here are my 10 books: 1. The Poetry of Pablo Neruda - if you don't feel anything after reading his poems, I will doubt the presence of your heart. 2. The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk - there's a real … Continue reading 10 Books

I just received my first set of postcards!

It's been a month since I've joined Postcrossing. Because I am a little impatient, I joined some Facebook groups including the official Postcrossing group, Postcrossing Canada and Postcrossing Philippines. I am so excited to report that I just received 4 postcards this week. I wasn't entirely surprised to see that my first senders were from … Continue reading I just received my first set of postcards!