The Library Saved Me

I've been busy with papers and exams for the past 3 weeks and it won't end until this term ends. But, I'm proud of myself because I finished a book this year. It's Craig Ferguson's autobiography called American on Purpose. I got it through a service at the Toronto Public Library called Overdrive. It allows … Continue reading The Library Saved Me


Newcomer Pt. 3

One phrase: Show up. When you move to another country, it's a given that everything will become unfamiliar. But, give it time. I've been in Canada for 5 years now and I only really started to have friends around 2-3 years ago. Before that, it was a blur of acquaintances and coworkers that stop communicating … Continue reading Newcomer Pt. 3

Newcomer Pt. 2

Disclaimer: I'm not a legal or policy expert. I'm writing based on my own experience and I recognise that this may be different from another person's experience, especially if that person lives outside Ontario. *** I'm assuming that before you arrived in Canada, you are well-educated and most likely the best in your field in … Continue reading Newcomer Pt. 2