The Best of December

Japheth Mast
Image from Japheth Mast of Pexels

Man, the past few weeks were crazy busy for me. There was a scheduled final exam every other day. Don’t ask me how I did that. 😀 I survived one term of nursing. I have 5 more terms to go. Yay.

A. and I saw Khruangbin play live at the Danforth Music Hall. It was also my first time at the hall. It’s a very popular venue for acts like Mac Demarco, Chromeo and Cut Copy. It also had big names perform on its stage, names like Chance The Rapper, Hugh Laurie and The Tragically Hip (the most Canadian band ever).

Khruangbin is a band you need to listen to at least once in your life, ideally over something herby. *wink* It’s legal in Canada, so I can say that now. But, if you’re under 18, your brains are still developing, don’t mess that shit up. A few years of waiting ain’t that bad. Don’t be stupid, k?

Khruangbin is responsible for the music behind the recent Corona ad campaign #ThisIsLiving:

The song is called Number 4. Here it is in its entirety:

But, my favourite Khruangbin song so far is this:

She’s adorable, no?

Anyway, moving on to this month’s playlist. Again, no rhyme or reason. Just went with songs that were stuck in my head for the past month.

Favourite song: Suzanne by Bermuda Triangle
Very bare, apt for the emotions of a woman who loves a man who can’t get over his ex. Bermuda Triangle is a trio of female musicians Jesse Lafser, Becca Mancari, and Alabama Shakes vocalist and guitarist Brittany Howard.

Favourite group: Parcels
There must be something about Australia that just makes people play good music. I mean, Tame Impala, Cut Copy and Sia, come on! The band collaborated with Daft Punk for their first hit “Overnight,” and people keep asking them about that experience. After listening to their debut album, I think people should stop because they’re doing fine on their own. Also, George Harrison has always been my favourite Beatle.


Well, this marks one full year of sharing my favourite music with you. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Maybe, I’ll make a separate post for year-end playlists and my Spotify Wrapped results. Watch out for that. 🙂

01. Leila (Poolside Remix) – Miami Horror
02. Pirates – Brazilian Girls
03. Changes – Antonio Williams, Kerry McCoy
04. Hold On (I Was Wrong) – Video Age
05. I Miss That Feeling – Tennis
06. Suzanne – Bermuda Triangle
07. Best Case Life – Gemini Rising, Flora, Tensnake
08. Feel Your Weight (Poolside Remix) – Rhye
09. No Going Back – Yuno
10. Fake Like – POLIÇA, s t a r g a z e
11. Follow Me – The Shacks
12. TTYL – Morabeza Tobacco
13. Sophisticated Space – Sidney Gish
14. Swing – Francis
15. Tieduprightnow – Parcels
16. Versions – Stello, Scott James
17. Then There’s You – Saskwatch
18. Take Yourself With You – Rose Elinor Dougall
19. Habitual Love – Okay Kaya
20. Where Angels Fear To Tread – Disclosure


2 thoughts on “The Best of December

  1. Bess ang ganda ng playlist!!! Ang gandaaa! Yiiieee!!!

    Are you done with all your exams? Congrats ‘teh! Ang lala ng magkakasunod na finals! Hafraid! So happy you survived!!!

    Next time I get access to trees I will put Khruangbin on blast. Mahina ang baga ko these days e. But my gahd, may mga kanta talagang pang-jutes ‘no? ‘Yung maraming instruments tapos sinusubukan mong ihiwalay sa utak mo ‘yung tunog. Aaah, lovely. Char.

    Ang ganda ng Suzanne! Ang shaquette! Hahahaha. Although I think ang top favorite ko (at least today, haha) ay ‘yung Follow Me. Pinakinggan ko ‘yan kanina habang nagtitimpla ng tsaa. Nakatitig lang ako sa mug the entire song, hinihintay na lumalim nang lumalim ‘yung pagka-brown ng tubig. Pagkatapos ng kanta saka ko lang inahon ‘yung tea bag — gurl, I felt like I was in a mumblecore short film. Hahahaha. #feeling

    Pero gusto ko rin ang Fake Like at Then There’s You, and na-discover ko na may collab pala ang Rhye at Poolside?? Aaah, ganda!

    Gusto ko rin si George Harrison, mainly because he wrote Something. I know the band has better love songs pero ewan ko, gustong-gusto ko ang Something.

    Abangan ko ‘yung post mo on Spotify Wrapped! At sana gumawa ka pa ng ganitong monthly playlists next year. Recent ko lang naabangan at natutukan pero I’ve been loving them talaga. And I’ll say this, walang stir — I think your playlists do a better job than my Discover Weekly. I swear, cross my heart, mamatay man si god! Hahaha. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Uyyyyyy, salamat! Na-flatter naman ako ng sobra-sobra. Syempre, I’ll keep doing this. Also, afford ko pa naman ang Spotify Premium kasi may student discount. 😉 LOL.

      Natapos rin ang exams. Unti-unti nang nalabas yung grades. Mahirap yung exam ha pero mas mahirap yung anxiety that comes with waiting for grades. Ikaw, kumusta naman ang uni so far?

      Ginagawa ko rin yang pagseseparate ng layers of instruments habang nakikinig sa isang malaking wall of sound. Kahit di ko maseparate, gratifying pa rin yung pagka-lush ng sound.

      Ang daming magandang mumblecore/bedroom pop kemerlu na nalabas lately. Feeling ko lang talaga, everytime I listen to bedroom pop, I’m like ice cream na unti-unting nagmemelt sa couch or sa bed. Theme song ko ‘to for tamad-tamaran days. Hihi. Pang-eksena sa isang indie movie yung tea moment mo ha. Lelz.

      I agree on Something. May something about Something. :p Pero seriously, may sweet simplicity sa lyrics ni Georgie. Tsaka matagal ko nang crush yang si Georgie. Like, I know he’s dead so it sounds creepy pero ang cutie nya kaya. Haha.

      Siguro ipopost ko yung Spotify Wrapped ko before ako mag-out of town. We can share notes afterwards. Pero thanks for the love. Sobrang appreciate kita, baks. Naks, emote. Happy Holidays! 🙂


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