The Best of November

Anastasiya Lobanovskaya

Toronto just had its first snowfall of the year. I’m not looking forward to that. So far, I’ve managed to survive nursing school without caffeine. I don’t intend on taking it anytime soon.

Favourite song:
Not My Baby by Alvvays
I’m a sucker for sad songs. Sue me.

Favourite artist:
Ten Fé
I like music, period. Sometimes, there’s too many songs out there and it can get overwhelming for me, especially because I have to choose which ones I like. So, to choose well, I rely on my feelings. I don’t have the jargon nailed down because I’m not a musician and nursing school is more important to me, right now. So, let’s go with feelings. If a song does not touch me, I don’t keep it. If in the first minute I’m not hooked, it’s a goner. Ten Fé has been under the radar for me. They’ve only ever appeared once in my recommendations until lately. In fact, in this playlist, I have 2 songs by them (I also have 2 by Teen Ravine). They’re giving me the same feels as Lo Moon. Totally different sound, though. They will be in Toronto on March 2019. I might actually go watch them play live.

Do you ever listen to podcasts about music?
I’ve been listening to the Ongoing History of New Music. It’s described as Canada’s longest running radio documentary. Accurate. I recommend listening to an episode of a genre you don’t normally listen to, like ska, perhaps. I think every episode is a treasure trove of amazing music I’ve (mostly) never heard of.

So, let me know if you’ve given that a listen. I hope you enjoyed this month’s entry. See you in December!

01 Not My Baby – Alvvays
02 Other Lover – Mikaela Davis
03 Swimming Pool – Bess Atwell
04 First Time High (Of Chicago Acoustic Version) – of Montreal
05 Loving You – Jonathan Wilson
06 Little Dreamer – Future Islands
07 How It Feels – Ages and Ages
08 Statuette – Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
09 Confirmation – Westerman
10 Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
11 Turn – Ten Fé
12 Above Average – Teen Ravine
13 Motion Sickness – Phoebe Bridgers
14 Rude Boy – Mr Twin Sister
15 Another Way – Ten Fé
16 Paris Tropical (Kazy Lambist Remix) – Minuit
17 Girls on the TV – Laura Jean
18 Habit (Blood Cultures Remix) – Cool Company
19 Hall of Horrors – Teen Ravine
20 Cruel World – Active Child


5 thoughts on “The Best of November

  1. I love Alvvays! ❤ I wanted to visit Toronto and watch them live this year but all dates are sold out. Sayang. 😦

    Pansin ko baks maraming break-up songs dito. Is everything okay? Or is it just a coincidence? I suppose a huge chunk of music are all about heartbreak anyway.

    And good job for surviving nursing school without caffeine! My god how? You use no energy supplement at all? Not even caffeine-free energy drinks? Wow, baks! Saludo!

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    1. Try downloading this app called Songkick. It tracks artists you listen to on Spotify and notifies you if they’re playing live in your city or any city you add on there.

      Everything is well. Sadyang may affinity lang talaga ako for sad songs, kahit nung bata pa ‘ko. Siguro kasi sa’tin sa Pilipinas uso yung mga senti songs. This is the second time someone’s asked me if I was ok based on my playlists. Lol. Rest assured, I have a good amount of detachment when I make playlists, since it’s for public consumption (like sharing it on this blog). But, I do tend to absorb the general vibe around me. I guess the cold is making everything seem sad.

      I don’t do energy drinks anymore, with or without caffeine. Health reasons. No energy supplements either. I do eat chocolates, because I like sweets. Pero other than that, I sleep as much as I can. I don’t sleep for 6-8 hours straight. But I don’t deprive myself either. If my body wants to shut off, I will let it. Being honest lang talaga with myself and others on what I can and cannot commit to, that’s my main rule. It’s not to say na I don’t cram. Sometimes I do. But this whole caffeine free thing involves a lot of forgiving myself. Lol.

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      1. I want to try Songkick but I don’t want to watch shows by myself, unless I’m in a different city. Nahihiya talaga ako manood mag-isa e. Kailangan ko ‘yung “tourist card” sakaling may magtanong (manghusga) sa akin kung bakit wala ako kasama. Hehehuhu.

        Gahd, winter na nga. Nakakalungkot talaga ang panahon. 😦

        Man if only I could quit caffeine. Is it really that bad for our health? Huhu. 😦


      2. No one will ask you why you’re alone. I can say that with confidence since I do a lot of things alone too. Usually, what happens is a guy will try to chat with you. If you’re interested, good. If not, that’s fine too. The last time I went out alone, I ended up chatting with a girl who also went out alone that night. As long as you don’t leave your open drink with a stranger, you’re golden.

        Honestly, I’m not clear on the science of caffeine. I’m just discouraged from consuming it, which is ironic considering I was a barista before. Haha. 🙂

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      3. Ahh, I hope one day I can try it! Maybe when Alvvays visits my city, hehe. Or Stars! Man, I really want to see them live.

        Anyhoo I downloaded the app na! Thanks Bessyyy! Ikaw talaga ang go-to ko sa mga ganitong anda! 🙂

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