The Best of September & October

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I started nursing school in September and it’s been eventful. Whenever I’m tempted to slack off, I remind myself that I will pay for procastination later, and I won’t like it one bit. Whenever I’m on the edge of anxiety, I remind myself that this hardwork will pay off in the long run. I also remind myself that I’m doing something meaningful now. I’m no longer waiting for life to happen to me. I’m actively participating in it. That brings me to one of the purposes of these monthly-ish playlists: I don’t just give you songs I like, this gives me an excuse to reflect on the things that had transpired that month.

There’s really no magic to arranging it this time, just made sure the BPMs are not all over the place. I noticed that it’s still got that melancholic dance quality to it – which I feel is my signature ear now. I just happen to like those kinds of songs. I am certain about where that affinity came from: definitely from the 80’s, and indie music between 2005-2010 (years when I was in university the first time). I listened to songs like this:

Sounds happy but definitely sad.

Favourite songs:
Move by Milo Greene – If you’re in Toronto, they will be at Lee’s Palace this Friday.
On Retinae (West Version) by Dip In The Pool – I looked for this on and I ended up in the rabbit hole that is Japanese electronic music. Probably worth exploring.

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy this playlist. Plus, in the comments below, let me know if there’s a certain quality in songs that you tend to gravitate to.

01. How It Left – Violents, Monica Martin
02. Invite Me In – Wild Ones
03. Got A Feelin’ – Rookie Season
04. What Once Was – Her’s
05. Close But Not Quite – Everything Is Recorded, Sampha
06. Roll With The Punches – Mk.Gee
07. Wish You Were Here – Charlie Collins
08. In Camera – Yumi Zouma
09. Good News – Rosemary Fairweather
10. Saturday – Real Estate
11. Petals – TOPS
12. O.M.G (I’m All Over It) – Jenn Champion
13. 29 Palms – Reptaliens
14. Move – Milo Greene
15. Believer – Emily King
16. Don’t Talk About You – Geowulf
17. Back Down – Bob Moses
18. The Unbreakable Chain – Daniel Lanois
19. Helt Sammen – Franske Piger
20. Take Me Back – Deep Cuts
21. One Evening – Feist
22. Farther Away – Sam Valdez
23. Fish In The Sea – Fat Freddy’s Drop
24. Rachel – PREP
25. Ondulation – Burning Peacocks
26. Feel Better Now – Jean Tonique
27. 2am, Chinatown – Primaveras
28. Try – Hatchie
29. On Retinae (West Version) – Dip In The Pool
30. Road Head – Japanese Breakfast
31. Qui est-tu? – Poom
32. Come Home – The Undercover Dream Lovers
33. Leave You Mama – Lonely Benson
34. Waiting On You – Two Another
35. In and Out – Ephemerals
36. Really Something – Hector Gachan
37. Crying over You – Elle Olsun
38. French Press – Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
39. Birds of a Feather, We Rock Together – Vulfpeck, Antwaun Stanley
40. Half-Light – Rostam, Kelly Zutrau


4 thoughts on “The Best of September & October

  1. Ganda ng mga kanta Bessy! Paborito ko ‘yung unang tatlong tracks, pati ‘yung Wish You Were Here at In Camera. I think you got it right with “melancholic dance quality.” I don’t normally listen to dance-y songs when I’m trying to vibe with the season, pero mukhang perfect ito for fall. I saved many of the songs, haha. Salamat! At good luck sa pag-aaral! ❤

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    1. Uy, salamat! I think I might stick with one playlist per 2 months for now kasi it gives me more time to filter my playlist. 🙂 I don’t intentionally try to match the songs with the season. Pero, the Spotify algorithms might be doing that for me with my Discover Weekly playlists. I’m glad you like the songs. Salamat and good luck din sa’yo. We can do this, aja!

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