The Best of August

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I’ve had a busy social life this month. Gosh, this makes me a bit afraid of winter. I also just turned 30. If I’m supposed to feel some kind of dread, it hasn’t sunk in… yet.

In July, I watched Radiohead in Toronto with my boyfriend, who is a big fan. Big is an understatement. It was amazing. It’s like seeing a mythical creature in a magical forest.

In the same month, we also watched Alex Cameron at Lee’s Palace. I used to think Toronto audience is a bit dry, but the audience that night turned it up. A few weeks later, Alex Cameron had a livestream on IG called Locaish where they video chat with people around the world and talk about random shit. I was the first person to be interviewed, and my nerves got the better of me and I became Chatty Cathy. But they were cool about it, and it was fun. I watched a couple more Locaish episodes, but have lost track lately. So, I don’t know if they’re still doing that.

The other night, I was with my brother and our friend to watch All Star Africa Music Fest. They had performers from all over Africa including our favourite Yemi Alade. If you don’t know her, here’s a recommendation:

Sounds like good fun, eh? We didn’t get home ’til 3am.

The only beef I had with the event was the way they organized it. But, let’s leave that for another day.

On with our month’s playlist.

If you don’t shuffle it, you will notice that it starts with feeling like a hot afternoon and it ends with an acoustic night. I made this while walking around my neighbourhood and I often do that a good hour or two before the sun sets. By the time I get home, it had just gone dark. I didn’t really notice that this is the way the playlist sounded until I gave it a few listens in a totally different setting, like being on the train at noon.

I hope you like this. School will start soon and I don’t know how studying to become a nurse will eat up my time. I have a feeling it will be hectic, but hopefully not too hectic that I can’t make time for creative output. So, wish me luck!

01. Astronaut – The Dig
02. Who Am I to Follow Love – Makeness
03. Motions (Far Out Version) – Liz Cooper & The Stampede
04. Sliding Doors – Flyte
05. Gamesofluck – Parcels
06. Daydream – Glassio, NAKAYA
07. Your Kinda Love – Scott Mannion, Renaldo & Clara
08. You’ve Been My Girl – Knox White
09. NorthSea – Solregn
10. Herbie – Flamingosis, Tokyo Megaplex
11. Tonight – Cornelius, Amy Nøhr, Nicolaj Tuxen
12. Green Tea – Giraffage, Angelica Bess
13. Kikuyu – Ninety’s Story
14. Won’t You Call Me – Nydge, Kim Vi
15. Roaming in Paris – Champyons
16. Guilty – Lady Wray
17. Solar Pilgrim – Twain
18. Lover – Tree Theater, Emily C. Browning
19. Afterneath – Luke Sital-Singh
20. Relax (Acoustic) – Fyfe


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