Adobe Spark

The rapidly growing song library is making me anxious, so I have to make sense of it fast! I get annoyed when I listen to the radio and it’s very clear that the DJ didn’t do his job and just left all the playing to the shuffle button.

I’m curious about how you guys arrange or choose songs for your playlist.

For me, I associate it to a certain scene in my mind. It could just be me walking in a mall or my neighbourhood. Or it could be an imagined moment between two people. Sometimes, I associate it with the temperature outside or the weather itself. Is that weird?

For this playlist, I was thinking of a story of two young people running away. If it was romanticised, this is the sound I would probably associate with the part where they both realise that it was a bad idea.

I really don’t know. I’m just making this shit up along the way.

Enjoy xx Bessy

01. It Is What It Is – Blood Orange
02. Bedroom – Litany
03. Had To Let Me Go – Nite Jewel
04. China – Furns
05. Stupid Boy/Girl – Blond Ambition
06. Runaway – Julietta
07. Playing With Fire – Nick Leng
08. casanova. – Denitia and Sene
09. Further – TOPS
10. Different – Turbotito and Baby Alpaca


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