100% Pure Love

Call me sentimental but I love my 90’s music. Every afternoon in the Philippines, radio stations used to play the latest in Eurodance and electronic music. It went all the way to sunset. And the way they sequenced it was interesting – early afternoon, it would be all about Eurodance (Vengaboys and the like). As the day ends, the music shifts to more trance and techno. Oh, I’ll never ever forget it!

Fast forward to 2013, I get a job at this office downtown. My supervisor and her manager were young adults in the 90’s. They played 90’s dance music on slow afternoons. My Shazam self would blurt out the song title in the first few notes. So, they started testing my knowledge of 90’s music. They were the real experts though, because they were actually clubbing in the 90’s! I was 12 in 2000. I fucking envy them.

This week’s playlist is a tribute to good people and good times.

Enjoy xx Bessy


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